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i need a million bucks for this .
pardon my covetousness and my seemingly ambitious and maluho dreams. harharh

by Dan Brown, Meg Cabot, Paulo Coehlo or Neil Gaiman 🙂
on recent count, i need to acquire 3,000 just to get all the books i want
2. an 8gig Creative Zen
a smashing 10,000 for this one
3. Speedo Swimsuit
a two-piece tank and trunks preferrably. and wtf, the trunk costs 1,100 and the tank… i forgot i think it ranges from 1,000-1,500. so all in all 2,600 must be shelled out. a one piece is like 1,800 but i’m too conscious with my legs that i’d rather wear something akin to a boyleg to at least lessen the insecurity. hahaha, as if it’s big enough.
well, i’m not in a hurry to get this one. the lowest i could get is worth 30,000 and that’s an Acer with overqualified specs (80G HD, Celeron M, XP/Vista, 512RAM w/free upgrade to 1gig, 17″ monitor w/ built in webcam…), but the thing is… it’s only 1.66 MHZ (or was that GHZ?) … pretty slow…. i think?
anyhow, any Acer or a Compaq greater than or equal to 30,000 will do.
i want big shoulder bags. 🙂
7. Chuck’s

a pair of red low-rise sneakers is perfect. 🙂 i’m size 7 btw…
just like any girl in this planet, i want a wardrobe update. i keep on wearing the same thing over and over every week. not only they’re starting to stink (b/c i sweat a lot and it’s damn hot here plus since they won’t let me wash in the dorm all my clothes go to the washing machine in the laundry shop. i’d rather hand-wash, yknow) but i’m also growing out of them. I’M GETTING BIGGER, LOL. i’m afraid i’d be running out of sizes in the department store soon. >___>

and that’s why i also need a
yeah! let’s burn those fats!!!
i want to get into Fitness First but i think gym equipments are boring >__> and i fear that i’m just going to end up pampering (and bloating) myself with their sauna room and unlimited iced tea. but i still want to try 🙂
to soothe my downloading dillemas. with our recent connection, i have to wait for at least 30 minutes for a single song to download! >__>;; and i want to download videos too. hehehehe

oh, that’s a lot of money to save! i can’t contain my covetousness though. harharhar, but sometimes i just grow out of those ‘needs’ and end up taking the more practical option (which is simply not buying anything) … then again, maybe i’m just dreaming… it’s already 2am anyway and i ought to be sleeping soon.