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olivia lufkin – a little pain

it’s Nana’s ending theme! 🙂
he. it’s sunday night already and i have’t flipped a single page of my borrowed organic chemistry book. 🙁 i’m being unproductive again! our 4th exam would be on tuesday and the FINALS – wednesday! yehey! i haven’t studied yet! it’s going to be a hard time for me! seriously… and then thursday we have physics… 🙁 i guess i’m gonna do the usual studying less than a day before the exam starts. : i have the worst habits man.

aw mehn, i miss the piano. the pedal isn’t working, it needs to be replaced… however i still don’t have enough money for that. i’m still saving for the creative zen portable media player…. the 8 gigs cost approximately 11,000. lol i’m still a long way behind that… wahehehehe. and if mommy agrees to lend me 10 thou then maybe it’s going to be easier for me. i’ll do the credit card installment type. man, that’s way easier. >_>

wahahaha. :}