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thank you Lord!

uhh, we had classes today… but at least our chem32 lab and lecture exams were postponed!! yeah, i knew it!! it’s going to be unfair to hold the test today since we aren’t even halfway through the coverage. hehehe. and well, i haven’t studied yet.

that’s my point.

yesterday was pretty nice, i drank coffee so i was able to stay until 2:30am without really doing anything productive. i TRIED to study. believe me, i did… but i got distracted with practically everything… so in the end, i didn’t learn anything.

hahaha. i realized that people get EASILY distracted from something they are not fond of doing. like studying. yeah. you should know that.

what happened is that i just went mega chika with my dormmates. i’m very open to everything, i have a unique perspective on every matter that’s why it’s hard to keep silent when these thoughts are provoking me, and when you’re totally comfortable with the people around you, it’s so easy to spark up with a topic that everyone can relate to. yeah yeah. i love sharing my thoughts and ideas on moral matters… y’know, those that involve parental conflicts, peer pressure, conformity, even love life… hehehe. and it flatters me when people say i give sound advices. to think i’ve never had much experience on those matters. i don’t have kids. i’m not a wife. we don’t have familial problems. i’ve never had a boyfriend. never been courted. never had someone say they like me. in short, i am one big inexperienced twerp.

some of my friends say i make a lot of sense for a mere 16 yr old girl. aww, and my dormmate said last night that i’m one of the few whom she can talk sense with. i’m really flattered. >_> but i guess the maturity of my words are brought about by my huge fancy for books. i didn’t even know that my little advices and rephrased proverbial statements affected them, one way or another.

i’m grateful for this wisdom God gave me. i even remember asking for it. whenever studying, i write down my prayers first and i always ask God to give me wisdom to understand these freakin equations and theories that would perpetuate the idea of mass destruction. i asked for wisdom because i thought it’s parallel to intelligence. but i was wrong. what i really need that time is intelligence and God gave me wisdom (at least that’s how i perceived it). so what did i use this ‘wisdom’ for?

mehn. i used it to condition myself for the possibility that i MIGHT fail this blasted subject. you don’t need intelligence for that! you don’t take things like that objectively. that’s why… from now on, i’m gonna ask for INTELLIGENCE!!!

i need extra braincells.