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taking on a one way path

i’ve never been this much intimidated in my life. and fuck, it scares me a lot. failing has always been my companion. it taught me a lot, really. i guess i owe every sensible advice i mouth out to every horrible experience i’ve encountered. it’s not bad to fail. just don’t overdo your mistakes because failing doesn’t equate to stupidity.

i don’t know. something’s wrong with me. I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO. i need a sensible person to share these insecurities within me. someone who can talk back in the brightest sense. it’s demanding, i know. but i want someone who can put up with my reasonings. yes. i’m asking for someone who shares the same level of thinking as i do. not in terms of acad but in terms of uhh… EQ? how do you call that ba? haha. i don’t remember.

shit. i need a friend. 🙁 drama ito. just bear with me.
honestly, i think i know someone who could.

alam nyo baaaaa??? gusto ko lang ng kausap! gusto ko ng taong pwedeng kong makasama mag-kape. usap usap lang. grabe kailangan ko ng matinong adviser. >_>

but on the bright side, i’m excited for our practical exam to end. gusto ko na umuwi.
uhhh, shit talaga.

please, Lord. someone who can brighten up my day.
mehn, i don’t need a tutor. gusto ko lang ng matinong kausap. and this time gusto ko ako naman ang pakikinggan. >_>;