A very personal blog

nothing drives me T__T;

our physics3 lecture exam was (yet again) moved! yaaay!!! on the dull side though, the lab exam pushed through, without me getting even a bit of study. fuck. how can i be so negligent of my academic standing?? i’ve never been this irresponsible before! i bet i will flunk all of my 1st exams. and trying to console myself with thinking that i could just study harder (or just plain STUDY) for the next exams is not good enough.

i want to to change this layout already.

there’s something wrong with me. i’ve changed. i’m not studying a lot like i used to. either way, i stay mediocre. nothing much, nothing less. but apparently, with the way things are going… the ‘nothing less’ is getting more weight in the scale of mediocrity so now i could partially consider myself an idiot for letting the scale be disturbed with my inner struggles.

the thing is, i’m not inspired/motivated enough to open my textbooks and read what those extraterrestrial beings theorized about centuries ago. I’M NOT DRIVEN! i miss Sir Chester Dabalos! i need an intructor who could bring out the passion in me!!! ok, so i’m not passionate enough on this craft. case in point made.

Help me.