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slovak: nezmyzel

i believe i still have to fill up a lot of empty gaps i left hanging for the last 3 weeks. you know, it was both fun and exhausting. i experienced a lot of things, learned a lot of values and cleared a lot of misconceptions about life. but it doesn’t end there… actually, it’s only the beginning (cliche i know). and i’m thrilled to break through that blasted wall that partially kept me from the reality that i’m not alone.

note: i’m not requiring you to understand the underlying message of this entry because personally, i would classify this under crap. this is pure randomness and it is my intention to confuse you with my nonsense allegories. o diba? kahit ako nalalabuan kaya magtiis ka muna…

hahaha. what do you think is the point of this nonsense entry? nothing. exactly. i just want to write something random and un-understandable (go figure). i just want to let go of this unhealthy flux of words because it doesn’t make sense to keep it within my deflating brain sacs.

i’m not really particular with making sense with my blog entries, hence the title of this blog. i don’t care if people don’t understand what’s written here becuase in the first place, i couldn’t expect anyone and everyone to understand. that’s why i value those who can grasp what little sense there is in this utterly vague entry.

eeh. ayoko na. walang patutunguhan ang entry na ito. 🙂
sa susunod na lang ulit 🙂