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you're my sweetest downfall

i happen to hear that phrase somewhere and i happen to like it. i really like that phrase, maybe it’s from a song… i’m not sure but i just love the irony. it makes me want to turn it into a novel title! title lang! hahaha

wuhoo! how was this day? uhh, fine! tiring! tiring! tiring! in fact, i’m not feeling good right now. >_> i was supposed to attend VCF’s Youth Jam with july today but i excused myself because i feel sick and tired.

so why am i online?
——> guilty pleasures.

we had our first experiment in chem40 awhile ago and guess what the title is? Isolating Caffeine from Tea Leaves!!!! the title really caught the best of my interest because you know i’m a coffee addict but when we went through the experiment, i realized it’s not something i want to do for fun or for the mere enjoyment of extracting my favorite drug from it’s organic source. no. it was too technical, the procedure i mean. >_> we have to prepare a lot of setups involving these never heard apparatus. seriously, and we had a prelab quiz about it. >_> our instructor asked us to draw the distillation setup. wtf. i didn’t even look at my lab manual the day before! grrrr… but then i noticed the person across me glancing every once in a while to my back… i followed her look and found the answer!!! hahahaha the distillation setup was just sitting on the fumehood behind me! and so i guess… that’s how i passed the quiz. lol

mehn. you know what, if mao and kat weren’t my groupmates… i’ll probably be dead of boredom. it helps a lot to have your friends as your groupmates. 🙂

and since it’s already past 7, i think i should go now.