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it was really unexpected. our parents fetched me and my sister at megamall and from there decided to watch a movie. we watched transformers. actually, i’m not really hyped up on watching it since robots barely have a hormonal effect on me or on any of my nerves but still, we decided to watch it since it’s the newest in the list.

oh my god, transformers is so well done! it’s both humorous and sad. sad. sad. yeah, i cried a couple of times. i have really shallow tears. and then you know, i thought i was gonna die of boredom because as i have said, i’m not really into robots and i haven’t watched a single episode of transformers cartoons. but really, this movie got me interested big time! maybe because it’s a steven speilberg (sp?) i’m not sure but mehn! the animation is superb! and the whole classified military files being hacked in less than 10 seconds?? that’s just whoa! and the cars mehn! the cars! hot wheels i tell ya!

now go watch it before i spill everything everything off!! i tell you it’s a must watch!!! why else would sm megamall allot 7 cinemas for it?

on the boo side of it all: in the middle of the movie, the film skrewed off! the screen went white and showed flashes of pictures which are obviously not part of the movie! then everyone in the cinema went “boo! boo! pirated!!!” but after a few seconds it returned back to normal so i guess it’s ok. haha but still, they should fix that -_-

next in line:
:: Blades of Glory – the trailer is so funny!
:: Harry Potter – of course!

art in line: because a lot of things inspire me this season… i plan to do
:: an oil pastel work
:: the usual doodle stuff (remember the heart and star shaped pieces? — see artworks) but this time using different shapes and motifs… i’m planning on doing
.transformers!!! (i need of a lot of photo reference) and hopefully
.statue of oblation (now if this comes out good enough, i might as well consider
it my proudest artwork. yeah right)
:: i also want to work on t-shirt designs but i’m still afraid because i tend to overdo and exagerrate with the details, it might be too hard to paint. -_-;

all i really need to accomplish those is time and money!