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girl from ipanema

bloomfield’s version is so much better than sitti’s and the original artist’s! i’m loving bloomfields more and more! hehehe

so.. today is wednesday. one more sleep to go before i’m OFICIALLY FREEEEE of all the err… troubles of summer classes. haaay, my summer is ending sooooon and i can’t believe i haven’t done anything fun yet. yeah, i’m counting on the sem-ender!! yey! sem-ender! although i’m not close to most of my lab mates… there’s july and kat. with them i can bear everything. hahahaha i just hope july would still consider the outing if all 3 sections are present.

which, again, leads me to talk about A-3L. july makes me wonder a lot. what the hell is so despisable with that section? as far as i’m concerned, they’re not doing anything wrong. hahaha so what’s up with the whole avoiding them when we happen to pass each other by. lol. yesterday i accompanied her to an internet shop to search for a song she’s performing 3 weeks from now and there we saw some A3L guys plus kriston. she almost wanted to transfer net cafes… but whatever. i’m not writing further about this.

hey. robin is here! and he’s done with math36! good for him! hehehe

i’m excited for tomorrow. i just hope it doesn’t rain so that i can push through with my mall hopping agenda. actually, i’m not gonna buy anything… cos i don’t need anything right now. i’m tired of megamall and there are a hell lot of malls around mega so i must try them all before i get robbed of the opportunity.

heeey! i have a new doodle!! and the title, ‘starbucks’. hahaha because when i finished the piece the starbucks logo that i drew looked like the centerpiece. bwahahahaha. i haven’t scanned it yet. wait till tomorrow night. hihihi.

hmmm… you know what. i’d love to shut up about mike. okok. i’m not talking about him anymore. 🙂 i just realized that “we” are not gonna happen. yeah, and i’m so cheerful about it. i just want us to be friends! yeah, that’s more like it. referrals can come in handy if someday… the wind blows me to apply as a barista. i want to work at starbucks. >.< haha just like you, really.