A very personal blog


i don’t understand. i joined this community in deviantart.com called Elite Artists to at least give my artworks a little exposure. i submitted this piece because it think it’s worth the attention of some artists. i consider it my best piece so far! and they denied my submission saying they don’t accept doodles and sketches.

yes it’s a doodle, but it’s NOT just a mere doodle which can be described as ‘a fruit of scribbling idly while procastinating on studies’. i started out with DOODLING and i ended up with a masterpiece. i didn’t draw aimlessly. on my doodles you will see MY LIFE tangled up on a graphing paper.

doodle. a shallow word, a foolish activity. now is it? dooooodling. it’s the only thing i’m good at. and i don’t even need to get in the mood for it. why do people ignore doodles and take them as trash? something not worthy of the limelight? something ‘unfinished’ and not fit for display?

i tell you, doodles reveal more secrets that most artworks. uggh, believe me and look at the back of your notebooks. see what you’ve written/drawn on them. there’s your crush’s name adorned with cute little hearts and frilly borders. that’s art. doodle is ART!!!!!! without you knowing -your idle moments, the times when boredom is knocking you off your feet- is the time when you absentmindedly pour out your dormant creative juices.

whatever. i’m looking for a new club.
and i’m going to draw a new doodle tonight! yehey!