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mom says we’re going to MoA tomorrow. and to me.. MoA spells mike ♥
i can’t believe i’m not yet over him. >.< unfortunately… i’m grounded on coffee!! and my mom is so serious about it. as in “hindi ka pwede magkape!!” hahaha. ok lang yun. i mean, if he’s not on duty then i’m not buying anything! but if he’s there on the counter, then i’m buying a tumbler, i’ve been planning on buying one anyway (swear, it’s not an excuse), i just couldn’t get the chance OR i just couldn’t get the right person behind the cash register. hahaha. and look, if i buy a tumbler i’m gonna get a free drink, which i’m going to turn into a coupon to use for the next time. lol. why, i’m so excited to see him again. just that. to see him again. yeah, it would be better if we actually talk. but it’s better not to look forward to that. i’m not getting my hopes up. shempre naman. haaaay. i’m thrilled! tomorrow must be a damn good day! it should be! it must be! (arrgh, is there a stronger term?)
whew. now i recall something…

if you’re destined to get something, the universe itself will conspire to its fulfillment.

which means, i shouldn’t be planning on how our next encounter should be like because if we’re destined to meet again, the universe will do the planning.

fck. what’s happening to me? i’m now taking the whole universe into my silly, little, and could be imaginary lovelife! and wait… why did ‘destiny’ suddenly barge into this one???

i don’t know what’s happening to meeeeeeee.

let’s give it a toast, shall we?