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who says i'm grounded on coffee?

no mike for today. i thought i was gonna see him but no… he’s probably off duty. i mean, it’s a sunday, for crying out loud! of course he should be out. lol. anyhow i had fun this day…

first we went to church, then we headed directly to MoA. we parked outside the imax theatre and ate IN THE CAR. yes, as in we brought a bunch of picnic baskets packed with sawali plates and banana leaves. we feasted on rilyenong bangus, fried tilapia, mangoes and cucumber. love it. hahahaha. then we finally went in the mall. we didn’t do much, in fact we have no plans in mind, we just want to stroll and me? i just want to see mike ♥ lol.

i thought my mom’s really really serious with me being grounded on coffee but i realized it was just a big joke when she pulled out a bill from her wallet and cheerfully asked us to buy 3 drinks. i was beyond dumbfounded.

finally! mom, you’re the greatest! i even prepared myself to sneak out of the car to get some coffee but mehn, i’m speechless. hahaha

so there. i’m high on coffee.
sadly though, like what i’ve mentioned earlier. mike wasn’t there. but i’m not sad nor disappointed that all my efforts planning for our dramatic (LOL) re-encountering was wasted. hahaha. in fact, i was sort of thankful that i didn’t see him today because… i don’t look my best. i’m not on a red day. pms makes most girls look prettier, i believe sooo. and the first time i met him… i had my first red day and naturally when i look in the mirror there’s still abnormally red tint flushed on my cheeks. at times you gotta hate it when that happens but during that time i didn’t care. haha, i was thankful even.

nevermind him. after a short while, we left… then we went to my cousin’s house (she just gave birth!) to pay a visit. blah blah blah…

orayt. i guess that ends it. 😀