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stop with 'hell week' will you?

at last. i’ve added a few paragraphs to my long forgotten fic – Don’t Turn Back. i guess my fic writing mojo will be having a grand comeback somwhere between april to may. i just can’t wait till the finals week is over. my mind is racing of ideas, both romantic and strange and the bunnies are plotting again. i’ll be leaving the rated:M realm for now because i can’t seem to write naughty stuff for now. i want tragedy. i’m becoming a big fan of traggic endings. and i can’t seem to get over it.



you know what. it’s my mom’s birthday on monday! yey. and it’s also the beginning of our finals week. i’ll be taking 3 subjects, which are all required. math17, chem16 and eng1. eng1?? eng1??? RIDICULOUS ISN’T IT???? and to think our professor didn’t really teach us anything. grr…

haaay. i’m starting to accept the huge possibility of me repeating chem16 next sem. >.< God forbid. mehn. hahaha. i’m not feeling the supposed to be ‘hell week’. why do people feel ‘hell weeks’ anyway? i just oppose to the idea of calling a week ‘hell’ because every day is made by God and you’re just going to take it as hell? mehn. that’s rude. God didn’t make 7 days a week only to be called hell. =( on the contrary, all the hardships we get are God’s form of testing us. and mind you, according to the Bible, he won’t give us anything we can’t handle. so if you get a really difficult problem, be flattered! because God knows it is in your capacity to solve it. hehehe i have a lot of things planned this summer. well, first of all i have to resume my exercise routine. i’m getting fatter and fatter of *ehem* studying. next i have to write. even though i didn’t learn anything helpful in english 1 – where i’m expecting to broaden my knowledge on grammar – i still have to write because… the ideas are killing me mehn! and also, i have to save money. if i don’t get chem17 this summer, i won’t be having my allowance. sooo… i need to find a job. wahehehehee. ok. i’m excited to get over this week. yeheesssss!!!