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i should be studying right now but i figured i have to first satiate this unhealthy urge to go online. you see, i get excited when i’m faced with a long list of to-do’s. and that’s just how far it can go. just excited. i feel excited to start and get things done. but again, it’s just a feeling. something that makes me feel weird about myself because it’s very unlike me to consider ‘studying’ an ‘exciting’ activity.

i’m starting to get immune to the sound of hard drumming of fingers on the keyboard. blame it all on O2Jam. mehn. >.< late news.
i attended the ‘convocation on large classes’ last friday just for the heck of it. actually i just want to sit down in an airconditioned auditiorium to rest. i planned to stay only for a few minutes but upon hearing the discussion and questions of the students and faculty members, my interest was ignited. i thought, hey… this is quite an interesting topic so i stayed until the forum ended. they’re getting feedbacks on us regarding the proposed large classes to be implemented starting 1st sem AY07-08 on selected subjects. this is majorly a bad news especially for us students. what i’m more concerned on is that they’re taking chem to lecture halls as well!! as i’ve rhetorically asked before, “how could you sacrifice quality education for cost-cutting measures?”

what’s more depressing about it is that the chancellor himself claimed the large classes scheme as experimental depending on the efficiency of the procedure. more so, they cannot even present to us a material basis or case study that calls for the necessity of the action. how the hell are we going to accept that? when the scheme lay inefficient in educating the students, definitely it will be pulled back. yes, that’s a good thing. but what about those who failed? what about those who were forced to act as guinea pigs to measure the efficiency of the experiement? how are their efforts going to be compensated? uggh, i really hate it when our questions are either left unanswered or given a safe answer. it’s pretty obvious that they only set this convocation for formality’s sake. but it didn’t really bear any helpful results. i just hope i don’t get to be a victim in this largely unsolicited decision they0 came up with.

oh. the thing with the large classes is to give way for the senior faculty to teach and to, as usual, save money. i personally prefer fresh grads or younger people to teach because they are less boring and they can still simplify everything into lay man’s term. but the senior faculty? yes they could boast their PhD’s and masterals however they want but wouldn’t it be boring to have someone old, less creative, and more technical teach you a hard subject? aw mehn.

anyhow. i’ve ranted enough considering that this topic didn’t even made it to the list of ‘the things i should worry about most’. hahahaha.

ok. i’m logging off. i should start studying already. i have two exams tomorrow. grant me the blessing, Lord! =)