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staying alive! staying alive! ah! ah! ah! ah!

the academic days are ending soon. i though i still have enough time to make up for my grades but no. to hell with it, i’m having negative vibes and unhealthy jitters all over just because of my chem standing. maybe i should really retake it because… ehem, “i believe that quality education takes time.” hahaha.

i reserved a slot for chem17 this SUMMER. which means i’m taking up summer classes IF i pass chem16 this sem. that’s the big question. i really want to pass. seriously. who wouldn’t? i’ve been through a lot for this subject, even shed my blood and sweat grime but still my efforts are not being repaid in equity. instead i get disgraceful grades that would put my whole clan to shame. why is it that it’s too hard for me get a passing grade? i’m not dumb (unlike before). i’ve learned a lot already. but why is it still painfully hard for me to get a freakin 3??

hell has a new spelling now and it’s spelled C-H-E-M. hell has also a new added synonym and it’s also called chem. hell is chem and chem is hell.

to chem with it!!!
what the chem?!?
go to chem!
chem yeah!

despite the evident damnation of the said subject, i’m still not giving up. maybe i don’t have even an ounce of passion for chem running through my veins but i’ll strive to learn. even if it takes me YEARS and YEARS and more YEARS!

which leads me to this. maybe it doesn’t really matter that i take summer classes despite the huge delays awaiting. my supposedly 5 years of stay here will probably be extended to 6 years. all because of chem. but my goal here is to learn and i suppose i wouldn’t be able to absorb 6 months of lessons in just 1 month. besides, i’m trying to build up a passion for chem and rushing things up will only make me hate chem more, not love it. if i want to understand chem more on an atomic basis, i should take more time as well.

and besides, i have a lot of plans for summer! i want to have fun!