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karaoke, disco bar, o showgirl?

reality check. i have a heavy junk of homeworks waiting on my desk to be noticed. ok so before i plunge into the deathly whirlpool of schoolworks our professors mercilessly dumped on our backs, let me share to you the most exciting thing, EVER, that i have anticipated in my entire college life.

friday afternoon my sister and i went home early. uhh, we didn’t really reach home, we just met with ate theresa in megamall. from there we commuted to hyatt hotel where we were checked-in for mom’s awarding. we arrived there at around 730. my parents were already shuttled to westin hotel for the awarding (because they say the ballroom there is bigger but the hotel accomodation in hyatt is better) so we 3 three were left on our own.

so we went night swimming. then went to the spa center for a lot more. oh great.

the time is 10pm, the night is (still) young and hyatt hotel is conviently located near baywalk. so where else should we be spending the entire night?

we crossed to baywalk and searched for good food that would not burn my wallet. it was tiring, not to mention dangerous. yeah there were a lot of street children and prostitutes scattered around. and we even came across this commotion where a guy was drunk tripping. he practically knocked out a face of a stranger. what a scene mehn. good thing we didn’t meet him again. then i ate a lot. a lot. A LOOOOOTTT. mehn. i should get into serious dieting.

we went back to the hotel by 12mn. i’m still not sleepy. but i tried to.

early this morning, our parents gave us breakfast coupons so we went down to eat. they were right with picking the place. the food was great. would you believe i consumed 4 plates of food and a bowl of noodles on my own????!!!! excluding a glass of juice and 2 cups of tea. mehn. i should really really get into serious dieting.

ah! i saw fatima tooooooooo! 😀

after breakfast we went back to the spa center for the last time. then we packed up, checked-out and left.

and now i’m here.


maybe it wasn’t a dream after all.