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the hottest thing

if i can afford it, i’d save for an Acer Ferrari Laptop. too lazy for a picture. just google it. it’s the hottest laptop ever. yeah, it’s not the newest but it’s the coolest i’ve ever seen (in a magazine – subject to change)! i love the sleek black plate with the Ferrari logo at the center and the red highlights at the sides. i would be the happiest person alive if i get it. though it’s doesn’t come in with an intel processor it still pays that it has 1 gig RAM (which is upgradable to 2 gigs. but come on! 1 gig is more than enough). i’m talking about super multi-tasking. then 100 gigs DDR. now i’m into super memory.

hello santa claus, if you’re not dumb enough, you’ll get what i mean. thanks.

the bus ride was unusually peaceful even though we’re stuck in the usual highway traffic. maybe because i ate a basic burger from bordo’s! haha. it could actually compete for brother’s burgers. hmm.

i feel good. that’s about it. mostly because i managed to finish our killer eng1 homework. whenever i open my notebook and read the instructions i could imagine the pages turning into a howler shouting at me to spend a week in the library and manually count the card catalogs or else get a 5. fyi, i already got a 5 in one of our exercises. good (great, actually) thing it wasn’t recorded because i wrote my name in the wrong format. in her class it should ALWAYS be last name, given name, middle initial. otherwise you’ll get a deduction for not following instructions. or in my case it won’t be recorded. how lucky of me.

boom tarat is everywhere. i hear it from my classmates. i see it in sorrority initiations. i witness it in org reportings. and most of all, it’s ever present in the congested lanes of commonwealth avenue. why? the buses are honking to its monotonous tune. while it made me laugh to think that at least the driver has a sense of humour, it’s not at all pleasing to hear. one earsplitting hornblow is enough to get us out of the lane and at the same time damage our eardrums but why turn it to a song? i remember years ago, the famous bus hornblows will be to the tune of the standard beeping sound of a monotone nokia phone. wahahahaha. people are really inovative. i understand, sige.

haaay. ang saya saya ko talaga. i realized, i have to quit telling my sister about my crush because she tends to be too loud at times and i don’t want people suspecting. i don’t even tell my closest classmates about it for the same reason. which made me think that i better keep it to myself. it’s not going to last anyway.

one more thing to be happy about. we only have one chem16 lab this week! hahaha that spared me 3 hours of living hell! i personally think lab gowns should be colored black instead of white, it’s more appropriate since we are most prone to death inside the laboratory.