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pray. it works

hehe. my prayers are getting answered bit by bit. i thank God for it. i actually wrote a ‘prayer requests’ list and hid it in one of the drawers in our prayer room and every night i go there to pray for it. the book is right, if you manage to do something for 30 days straight, it becomes a habit. praying is one but nailbiting has been my bad habit ever since grade 6. before nailbiting i was involved in this nasty heel skin peeling habit, haha gross i know, but i stopped, seeing that i couldn’t walk straight anymore even in my most comfy slippers.

okok, i’m one big freak when i was young but i’ve grown. yeah, i stopped peeling the hard skin on my heels because it’s getting harder the more i do it (which is quite an advantage) but i resorted to another habit, probably nastier but i thought – i can name quite a lot who do the same thing – so… hehe.

finally, i love this day. after chuch we ate in yoshinoya (my favorite), then my sister accompanied me to appliance center and fully booked to buy an mp3 player and 2 books. i got the mp3 player with the free speakers after a long wait and bought harry potter 1 and digital fortress.

i was supposed to buy eleven minutes but they went out of stock. i came close to buying all american girl but i thought i’d just buy it some other time because i’ve read it already. tuesdays with morrie is also out of stock. mehn. but it’s okay. it’s really really my first time to buy my own books with my own money and i was excited. my parents don’t buy me books because they’re not into reading that much and most of the books here are self help plus this really boring (yet controversial accdg to the book) ‘tiger in the honeysuckle’ novel that i couldn’t relate to because it’s involves black people and their political struggles. nyaaaak. i dropped it down after chapter 5. i bet lemony snicket’s foreword could be very much heed (ed?) if it were only written for the book.

sweldo, i love you sweeelddddooooo!!