A very personal blog

hey it's monday

i’m slightly depressed. hehe, ateneo lost to ust. haha, and my sister keeps on badmouthing them because, duh she’s for ateneo, her hate for ust triggered upon knowing that mr. gonzales, who branded u.p. students country destabilizers, graduated an insulting tiger. i don’t hate ust, i just feel bad for ateneo because their efforts have been wasted (not totally though), norman black’s killer strategies didn’t work either. the 1 second miracle didn’t pay off. damn. anyhow i got lots of chris tiu so i’m okaaaayyyyy nowwww!!!

my sister’s here, classes are postponed for 1 week because of power failure. hehehe, i woke really dazed because i saw an unfamiliar figure lying beside me, i thought it was my cousin visiting my lola but i found out was my dear terai who went back from los banos. good for her.

i feel sick. maybe because yesterday i took a bath all sweaty and tired after ‘entertaining’ my high blood lola. laughter, apparently, reduces blood pressure. by entertaning, i mean singing and dancing to the tune of my all time queen favorite bohemian rhapsody and getting out of breath reaching galileo figaro magnificoooooo. yeah i was dancing and singing, stupidly and idiotically (??) in front of my amused lola. good thing she’s my only audience for i wouldn’t want to showcase my hidden talents in front of a crowd. hahahaha…

i know i looked, for a lack of a better word, stupid but hey it’s one good thing to see your (only) audience really fascinated and laughing her guts out of your infamous drugged attitude. haha… i feel goood!

awww… to where you are by josh groban is a really beautiful song.

fly me up to where you are beyond the distant star
i wish upon tonight to see you smile
if only for a while to know you’re there
a breath away’s not far to where you are

geoff taylor of pinoy dream academy reminds me of cedric diggory. hehe, and i like him. too bad he got expulsed. and rosita for the freakin 2nd time was saved because of her ‘killer’ solo performance. i watched mtv awhile ago and saw lucy liu, i really hate to say this, but honestly she has some similarities to rosita – facially (or maybe the eyes). but the thing is, rosita is ugly and lucy is, well, she’s not really ugly but from the moment that rotten thought came to my mind, lucy liu is not beautiful for me anymore.