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i need a summer job

right now i only have one application form from a nearby chain… still have to look for more.

LoL. i’m excited to work, seriously… need to bend my business skills to earn and save money now that i’m still young. =) i’m afraid this summer will turn me into a major bum. then i’ll get fatter and fatter and i’ll go to inferno for being a mega sloth and glutton.

suggestions? someplace accepting a highschool graduate without age requirements will do. =)

after church we went to los banos to visit my sister and celebrate mom’s birthay! it’s her birthday today! happeee birthdaaayyyy!
we ate variety bucket in kfc. well, what can i say? too much chicken is just too much… i can feel my feathers growing.

wow. i am successful in restraining myself from drinking coffee until graduation and now that i’m free from the ordeal… i got my very first coffee this year from starbucks… buti na lang may gift certificate pa ko. thanks nicki.

tomorrow is our grad ball! i still don’t know where to go for my hair and make-up. bahala na…

and on wednesday will be our barkada (highschool farewell?) party!! what a tear-jerker.

onga pala… graduate na ko! hello college.