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i did it my way

i don’t really know what to write… i just feel like updating… like i always feel. =)
today has been one of the most emotional days of our senior year. i recieved a couple of farewell gifts… thanks a lot. i still don’t know what to give you all… =( pichi, hindi ko maintindihan sulat mo… ahahahaaa… salamat sa lahat!!

now i can say i’ll definitely miss pamayanan. i swear, i love our class, it’s the best class i’ve ever been part of for the four years. mehn, i’m not in the verge of tears, mind you.

tomorrow will be the big day. it’d be both torturous and fulfilling for us… the shoes… they still hurt but come to think of it… in an idiomatic perspective you’ll never get to graduate without bearing the pains of marching and standing with those shoes. same goes for our sacrifices for making it here. i salute you, sixtreme.

i played the cd lienne and bea gave us and i was really touched. thanks… =)

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