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my palm pilot broke

who’s to be blamed?
my freakin’ sister! she dropped my bag! she didn’t know one of my precious material pocessions was there. what a fitch!
i mean, this is what happened. i think she got mad at me for refusing to help her with her egyptian music research. before i knew she murdered my palm, i even told her that i’ll let her borrow it for her project but when i came upstairs to check, the screen was cracked and it now looked like a blown up piece of technology. sad.
but i didn’t cry! i didn’t even think of getting back at her. maybe it was one of my priced posessions but i’m not attached onto it. maybe if she burned my ‘dare to fail’ book i’ll burn her algebra book too.

anyway, ACET results are now out! i still don’t know what’s my status is. i guess i’ll have to check the site again tomorrow.
awhile ago i was chatting with adri, i asked her to ask jami if i also passed. she replied, ‘ewan ko’.

mehn, those two words blew my head off. all the while i was thinking i didn’t pass! i thought she looked for my name and didn’t find it. after that i cried.
i cried on my bed, i punched my turtle stuffed toy and i played the guitar… something which is not exactly a form of stress relief for me but a form of forgetting something… and i failed. i shouted random things to God (no swears! LoL) and thought of happy thoughts.

oh well, i settled things when i asked jami if she looked for my name. i was praying to God that her answer should be NO. and he answered it.

i’m very thankful because i reached my quota for today’s AVON catalogue in just 3 days! i actually put a quota on myself so that i’ll work extra hard in earning money. i said that i should reach at least P500 comission on every catalogue. as of now i currently have 594 on count and i’m wishing that everyone who ordered will pay no later than next week. 😀
thank you God.

i don’t feel bad anymore. thank you Lord.

‘today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.’

i’m currently reading: the sisterhood of the traveling pants 1 – ann brashares