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imagination is more important than knowledge

do you agree? well that’s according to Einstein.
anyway, school didn’t start as bad as i thought it would be.
sometimes during long weekends and breaks, i’m somewhat looking forward to going back to school already. i’m excited over all the funny moments in the classroom, it is definitely something to look forward to, everyday.
there’s not a day that something funny didn’t happen.

in school, there are LOADS of things you can laugh about!
and i guess that’s what i go to school for, to get my daily dose of laughter.
…which reminds me of the few remaining weeks that we’re going to consume before graduation. sad. it feels like i don’t want to leave senior life anymore.

i was imagining a lot of things awhile ago. my mind is wandering off to dreamland… the pictures in my planner are just too scrumptiuous. maki, choco mousse, starbucks, chocolates… aaahh! heaven.

we had the outstanding award voting awhile ago. it was damn hard! i don’t know a lot of my batchmates’ talents (hell! like they know mine?!) that’s why i kept on repeating the same names. my choices are insufficient… some of them don’t even deserve the award but i don’t care. i’m not the one counting the votes anyway.

tomorrow is our feast day! i’m excited! no classes! just the mass, a presumably boring talk about Mary’s motherhood, food, and film viewing… joy.