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happy new year!

new year’s eve was great as usual! i’m starting to get accustomed in spending new year without any firecrackers… just the torotot. we didn’t have our media noche like most houses would have but we prepared for it… oh well, there’s something odd with us. i think we’re just not being traditional.

so, from 12 midnight till 1am we just watched the amazing fireworks display on our rooftop! (one of the reasons why we wouldn’t spend a cent on fireworks, it’s all free)

i was thinking of how blessed we are to have a rooftop! everything seems like a new year treat for us. people around us spent for the fireworks and we just watch happily on our deck watching everything in the sky on a patron seat.

my mom, dad and sister slept at 9 and they asked me to just wake them up by 12. ~_-;
and they used the aircon so i can’t open the windows (traditionally). in the end we didn’t open any of our windows… too much smoke. we didn’t even open all our lights… we’re all lazy, LoL.

i wasn’t able to text all my friends a happy new year because i have no enough load (just like xmas)

slept at 2am and woke up at 7 to prepare for the church. there were less people who attended today’s service (expected) so we didn’t have problems finding seats and this guy who looks like harry santos is present as always… 🙂

for 7 years already, i’ve been giving xmas gifts to this lola vendor outside our church. it feels so heartwarming to help other people especially the old. next time i think i’ll just give her a gift plus extra items to sell. 😀