A very personal blog


yesterday we went to 168 to shop for pants (majorly).

my mom was thinking of leaving me at home since i could be a burden if i keep on reminding them to walk slower coz i can barely follow them because of my knee.
oh well, in the end they just let me go. kuya kaloy and some carpenter is fixing the basement (the office was kind of renovated) and i don’t want to be left alone with them (although kuya kaloy has been a good friend…), hehe.

so we went there.
it was my first time in 168. i can tell it’s just like the other malls in divisoria only newer, cleaner and colder? heh. whatever…
we just bought pants that’s all. we actually got lost so we weren’t able to find the right exit but my dad came to the rescue so we’re fine.

nothing beats timezone.
i was begging for a membership card! but dad won’t give me because there’s no timezone near our place and he says i can just play in FCM.
eh hello? as much as i love playing in arcades, FCM is not much of an ideal arcade for me. there are lot’s of punk looking men crowding behind me as i play ‘death rally’ (car racing).
come to think of it, it’s nice having people watching you play and hear some comments like, ‘aba, galing ah’ but in the end they’re just waiting for their turn.
so much for the flattery… thanks ah, rank 39 parin ako out of 40.
onga pala… may timezone sa 168 foodcourt! 10/game?! grabe.

that was the fun part of divi.

the worst part?
of course we’ve expected a lot of people shopping too, and what i hate is i bump into a lot of people!
they bump me, i curse.
they bump me + they step on my foot, i curse again.
they bump me + they step on my foot, causing my leg to hurt like hell, i shout a loud ‘oww!” and curse (inwardly).

it was frustrating having to shun people like that for the fear that i might acquire another strain (yan kasi, stubborn) and end up on a wheelchair on the grad ball (LOL!).

then we went home.
and we got lost because my dad is trying to avoid recto because of the traffic so he’s looking for lawton.
we woke up to our senses when we spotted manila city hall… teka teka, mali ata tong pinuntahan natin!
ayun.. we’re still lost! but the bright side of it was, we get to go sightseeing!
i was mesmerized by the view of the red bridge lights reflecting on the water! we saw intramuros in a bright night display. the lights we passed by we’re wonderful especially at night.
it all ended when we’ve crossed the borders of manila to quezon city where our eyes are as usual feasting upon the neon pink chicken wires spread out on the isles of every avenue in quezon city. well that’s a good idea of saving electricity on christmas lights. why don’t they make it glow in the dark next time?

look at the time! 15 minutes to gooooO!