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on the mushy side

i found this thing somewhere and it’s sweet…

“love is not about finding someone you can live with but it’s about finding someone you can’t live without”


another thing…

“i dont like you, cause i love you
i dont want you, cause i need you.
i wouldnt cry for you, cause i will die for you.
i wont live for you, but i will live with you.
i wouldn’t do anyting cause i will do everyting.
i chose my life, ’cause you’re my life.”

i would love to hear that from the man of my dreams… a faceless (yet) guy with authentic black hair wearing a decent casual attire holding a bunch of red roses perhaps? oh, include chocolates there…

ok, arianne. just wait. 😀

mom says we’re going out later! yay!
i still have no money…

my cousin gave me a mouse pad as a xmas gift.
my first impressions was, “oh my god, this is a sign! sabi ko na nga ba magkakaroon din ako ng bagong computer eh!”

grr… my blood boils everytime i read or hear the name reese witherspoon!