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merry christmas everyone!

well.. hohoho!
i can’t say i hated this day but so far this is not YET the best christmas i’ve lived upon. i never recieved a single gift from any of my (missing) godparents, how i wish.
you know what, i wish i had the power to chose who my godparents will be (a power i visualize only babies could have) and i’ll make sure they’ll never forget me in their list!

well there… so much for a happy christmas, after all there’s still next year… and belated gifts are always and will always be welcome.
my wishlist will stay there until, forever…. well until i get tired of telling people what i want and showing you that “hey! getting a/an -insert an item from my wishlist- isn’t that impossible at all!”.

i wanna shop already!
oh, would you mind scratching off all those negative remarks i made about this christmas because just this moment i recieved a pretty consoling gift… a chocolate bar!

as i munch on it hapilly let me just share to you how it ached me reading the nutrition facts,
amount per serving: 4 blocks (36g)
calories: 200
what if i finish the whole bar? does that mean i intake the whole 800 calories? o.O

as i spoil this blissful moment of staining my teeth brown let me just remind myself that calories might be viewed as an evil substance that magically increases my weight but it is not only acting magical as a weight increaser, it also magically gives me a favorable taste to the food i eat (altough it is not a spice) . we all know that low-calorie foods are blant, so i guess there’s no room for more fretting.

oh wait, did i just finish the whole bar? oh my… o.O