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mga kagustuhan

things i don’t really need to survive but are potential to make my day a lot brighter than usual.

last night:

i was not at all disappointed when mom told us to just eat at a nearby place instead of going to SM to shop for what-nots but my sister argues throwing sarcastic remarks that will leave you baffled and irritated for awhile but when we finally stepped foot in FCM (5 minutes from home) i told myself, “this is quite ok, i just want to eat anyway”.

we checked RL and i was, as always, delighted at the selection of shoes, sandals and FLATS. i wanted to buy them but it’s not the right time, yet.

then we ate at shakeys, mehn i’m a not a big eater… i’m already full with the salad but oh well, i think there’s a glutton inside of me side by side by the wieght conscious me.

blah blah.
i’m so shallow. i’m soo happy when i saw that expressions has a new stock of pilot ballpens! at last!!! and before i forget, i overindulged myself on the cheap panda ballpens (interest brought to me by nez’s uncle). i’m especially saving them for the occasional surfacing of my doodly side.

i love the walls of shakeys. they’re brick walls with graffiti. only, they’re wallpapers. coolness.