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questioning my religious upbringing

i don’t know if i’ll still end up in heaven someday… that’s my ultimate dream you know!
i’ve been a mega sinner.
because of that my parents called for a bible study in our prayer sanctuary that i rarely visit… because it’s way on the top floor and i’m lazy.
what’s wrong with me? i always pray at night! i even left my traditional way of praying… the patethic way of praying wherein i make myself sound so kawawa…
i’m not kawawa… i talk to God like i’m a neighbor… the “hey God kamusta ka na? paki bati naman po ng happy holloween sa mga lolo ko o, pati na rin sa mga angels dyan…happy halloween”
masama ba yun?
but i like praying that way!!
grrr… and my parents think i’m losing touch with God because they don’t see and hear me pray… =(

comown… i’d be dead by now if i don’t have God.

oh well.
happy holloween!