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a quickie post before frog prince

start of sembreak!
i’m not happy since i have a lot of shitloads to deal with, count the projects in…

haay i wanna have my coffee treat already… =(
oh yeah, sooner or later i’m gonna slash one item off my wishlist again!
speak – lurie halse anderson
i’m currently reading it… i borrowed the book from adri
i would rather have my own copy of it but what’s the difference? i rarely re-read books anyway, it will just stay on my shelf for decoration and space.
oh well, artemis fowl will follow during the xmas break, i’m so deprived of time to read books… my AF is an ebook which makes me unthrilled to read it because it doesn’t come in handy! plus, i promised to finish reading series of unfortunate events first so… carry on r-yan
i would love to if someone would just let me borrow her books so that i can free our pc with some 5 megabytes… =)

it’s time already!
frog prince!