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running idiots

i haven’t done anything productive this day. =)
our classes were suspended by 2:30 pm because there was a bunch (i insist on BUNCH, not group. if u know what i mean) of idiots waving flags and banners blocking a main road that caused traffic and mayhem.

philippine politics. this is the worst i’ve seen so far and i won’t be surprised if one day martial law will be declared. it’s been an option for awhile and as for me, i care a bit but i think it would be for our own good. after all that’s what we need!
we need a stricter rule to abide by and i’m sad to say that we even have to risk living under martial law just to get disciplined. we can always do it in other more peaceful ways but i guess we, filipinos, are not patriotic enough to care about what happens in our country.


i have to cut that off. is this spam or is this true?
i won US$ 500,000!

wait… my heart is still leaping-up.
LoL. i hope this isn’t spam. the letter looks so formal pa naman… with contact numbers and stuff…