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grad pics!

we recieved the contact sized samples of our shots from our profile pictorial for us to select those that they will develop… LoL.. mine’s not ugly.. of course i’m not in the right position to say i am ugly anyway. haha…
mine’s fine. nothing great. just.. well, ordinary. i mean, that’s how it should come out right?
there… can’t say i’m satisfied coz i’ve been fixed in front of the monitor (photoshop) trying to swtich my head to different bodies!

it’s hard, mind you and at some point my neck looked akwardly grotesque due to my lack of toning skills or in general, my lack of photoshop skills.

but somehow i managed to stick my head on a body quite, er nice (sarcastic)
i’m experimenting on my head. haha…

tomorrow… i wish there will be no classes!
i really wish!!!!
i need the time to… have fun and make my formal pic more presentable. =)

i need help! how do you tone the skin? in photoshop, i mean.

by the way. if by some bad omen there will be classes tomorrow i’ll be attending the screening for the html contest.

wish me luck ok?
=) i’m thinking of my edges in html. basically… NONE!
i want to be in a contest… for once! please naman… i’m so desperate! i’ve been turned down once (in the ecosong audition)! and if i don’t get in with this… aba. mukang malas lang talaga ko pag may screenings and auditions!

oh my… is there really someone who works with html in notepad and practically types EVERYTHING? as in codes? the javascripts? whoever he may be… he’s a GENUIS! genius to the brink of not being human anymore!


help me help me.