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Harry Potter fan in JAIL

Keep an eye on your credit cards – there is a traitor among us! The News and Observer reports that a Harry Potter fan was jailed Monday for using a stolen credit card to buy more than $200 worth of Harry Potter books, including two copies of the newly released Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The 24 year-old fan, Lucius Steen, was charged with a felony count of unauthorized use of a credit card and is beind held in jail in lieu of a $25,000 bond. – Veritaserum

uhm.. pathetic? well, of course!
i’m wondering what kind of fan he is… he looks desperate. but then, he’s a fan! and we’re both citizens of the HP fandom… what a shame.

not to rub the whole matter in, i’ll just jump to another topic… which is still a subtopic of harry potter

Potter Ships!

well. the term ‘HP ships’ is still unclear to me but i know it has to do something with Hp couples… both homo and hetero…

and you know who i like =)

i can’t get enough of harry draco!!! fics and pics and rumors and stuff. and let me remind you that harry and draco is different from daniel and tom… that i cannot take.
a lot of people hate shipping them because it’s obviously gay and their complaining about HPDM’s OOC-ness in fics and other derived forms.
to hell with you all!
how else would you make them love each other witout putting the HATE off! that’s probably the reason why you can’t take it! you don’t want malfoy’s image of a git to change! and you’re just envious that we can make him love harry and still make him act like a ferret!

you see.. i don’t oppose to the whole idea of homosexuals even though it’s quite unrequited in the scriptures.
but my liking the idea has limitations too

go harryXdraco!