A very personal blog

good morning starshine… the earth says hello!

watched charlie and the chocolate factory yesterday.

it was nice… willy wonka’s a total freak. no that’s not an insult.
it was funny, that’s all. i don’t want to comment a lot about it since there are already gazzilions of comments out there and mine won’t sound good enough to pass for a critic anyway.

i’m dead tired before i was convinced to go there but my giddy hormones kept on shouting, “into to mall! into the mall!” so into the mall we went…

ok, i don’t know how my hormones did it but i figured out going to mall is a very good idea, i always thought of that.

saw macrise in the cinema! waheheee…

that’s all we did!

by the way, i finally fixed the script for the contractible headers.. as you can see. actually there’s no problem with the script… i realized that our security software here disabled active content therefore blocking some commands within the script! that’s why it won’t work but i already fixed that…

good news!
we have our telephone lines back!
bad news!
we don’t have water! oh my… that seems to be a little to far from my computer problems but it’s still a bad news. =\