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tall dark and never mind!

it suddenly feels like i have to post something but i just can’t figure it out YET.
oh yes, i remember i just want to say pansy parkinson is very pretty in the HP4 movie contrary the the ‘pug-like face’ description of her in the book.

and cho-chang according to the book is pretty and popular and this is, on the other hand , contrary to the movie where cho chang looks exactly like how pansy should look like, pug-faced!

i mean cho should be genevieve gaunt (minus the asian descent) and pansy should be katie leung.

but anyway. since Malfoy is with her, i can bear with that. malfoy, really, should be surrounded with decent looking wizards– include harry there.

i hate katie leung!

i’m currently reading chamber of secrets (since sorcerer’s stone us under circulation)… for the sake of completely reading the whole hp series. so far i’ve just read goblet, order and half-blood… all of which came from the library. =)

ayoko na mag english.. sa susunod na lang… naiinis kasi ako kay sir flores eh.
akalain mo magtawag ng audition for eco song – instruments kaninag 5pm!
eh usually i get fetched by 4:30 so tinext ko pa daddy ko na sunduin ako by 5:30…

i waited there kasi may gumagamit pa ng music room…
quarter to 6 na and obviously walang audition!
pu*(@%^$ U#)&%^@
eto pa… bagsak ako sa physics, pinoi, and health!
ang saya ng buhay ko diba?