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dead tired

so tired. grrr.
anyway.. i wish i could post some screenshots from the int’l trailer of harry potter i downloaded, unfortunately i don’t know how to…
don’t suggest the ‘print screen’, it won’t work.

it’s kai’s birthday today!!!
happy birthday! i’m really sorry that i can’t have the day off for your birthday treat.
happy birthday!

oh, today is the rumored appearing of mars in the night sky. according to some could-be unreliable sources, it should appear by midnight and by the size of the moon (something i think is very unbelievable unless there really is a reported orbital change on mars)

uh.. whatever. i wanna sleep again.
hehe, i did something good! i gave away a prisontale top-up card for free! i did it the promo style. like whoever emails me first with this subject and this content will get the top-up card. and minutes after posting the announcement, i have a winner.

LoL. it’s nice making people happy!