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sweets? … indulge!

i’ve never been in this kind of food indulgence thingy before!!! ang daming sweetssss!!! meeehhhnnn, to bad poor little resident ants won’t get anywhere near my treats! haha…

wala.. masaya… hyper!
my mom bought… banana cake, buko pie (the orginal one daw), oatmeal-raisin-cashew cookies, brownies, mango cookies (this tastes super nice!), prune cookies and krinkles… =)

haha… plus, my dad bought me hershey’s almond kisses!
and then… they bought the dried seaweed paper in aji-chiban which costs 150 pesos! that’s 300% more of the one i bought from neo korean grocery store in plaza andrea don antonio…anyway.. mas masarap naman kaya ok lang.. hehe

well… foodtrip!
watta dinner!