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dream guy

no, i’m not going to describe my dream guy coz it’ll sound more like a fantasy guy than a real guy and i wouldn’t want myself to swoon over some ideal tech-created man.

what i’m talking about is the book by candy holliday…
kinda nice.. i’m halfway na nga eh.. anyway… wala lang.. i just recalled what ate surot said, being the creative writing major that she is, she told us to rip off reading stuff by paulo coelho (the alchemist, veronica decides to die…) and other chick-lit junk. oh, coelho doesn’t write chick-lit btw…

it hurts. coz i’m a fan of chick-lit. kulang nalang sabihin nya, “include meg cabot there…”


i don’t know what others see with seriously plotted books like da vinci code, and other dan brown books… sure, maganda ung plot and i mean super! pero the way he writes… wala, ang technical. parang i want to put a warning on the cover saying, “have a dictionary with you while reading. thanks”

sorry kasi! mahina ang vocab ko.-_-;;

anyway, dan brown (and people like him, i dunno how to describe them kaya i took him as an example) is good with plotting (the facts.. cool) but he bores me with his writing.
chick-lit stuff lacks in plot, but the way they write it is pretty much irresistable.. in my case, that is.

besides.. i’m a teenager.