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pamayanan 06 retreat

i didn’t expect myself to be that comfortable with my other classmates since most of them ngayon ko lang naging classmates…

but anyway, it was fun! the sharing, the photolanguage, the discussions, the human sunka… i enjoyed everything… well except for some though… hehe…

ayun, it was both complimenting and insulting to hear other people’s comments about you, it makes you feel like a different kind of person, like what you want others to see in you didn’t surface that much. gayun paman, i didn’t take anything seriously, i’ll go with this overclaimed statement, ‘change for the better’ and see if it really changes anything…

by the way, there are little bits of complaints i have stored in mind, like the
rooms, the common bathrooms and the hot water… =) so far, if i have to judge the facilities, it would pass for a 3.5 star retreat house. 😀

hmm.. wudelse… awhile ago i’m so excited to go home but unfortunately my excitement brought me a negative response… supperr hilong hilo ako sa bus, i even threw up… i know there’s nothing wrong with me… so it’s all the bus’ (or he bus driver’s?) fault.

so… sooper badtrip ako ngayon… kasi i didn’t a good time in the bus na nga, lecheng putakte pa yang AVON na yan.. not the AVON really.. it’s with the stupid guy who brought my orders…-_-;;

ang stupid talaga.. kaya ngayon… nag susuffer ako… the promo has already ended and the orders are not yet complete! how am i going to pay that?