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ooohhh… there's a flame!

LoL.. it didn’t even hit me even with those censored fucks or bullshits or whatever you threw on me…

i made progress with my fic Hate Me [archives here]

the second chapter isn’t posted yet… but it’s already finished and has been proofread by Laura-chan! yeey! thanks… =)
so there… the 2nd chapter is not very suitable for young audiences for it includes scenes which may be offensive to a young child’s brain… well it has lime, a little of rape and violence… ok now go figure that out… =)

till here na lang… i’m still planning on what food to buy for the retreat, that’s the reason why i’m here in the first place.. =)

i’ll be out for three dys coz we’ll be staying in the Pink Sister’s convent in tagaytay for our seniors’ retreat… =)