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goood eveninggggg! ๐Ÿ™‚

ok… napakagandang title… what is so good with my evening anyway?

honestly wala pa.. kasi kakastart lng ng evening eh.. 6 15 pa lng..


haynaku.. i’m looking for more meg cabot books.. i mean.. at least, for the whole world to read all american girl, there should have been another book there translated in david’s point of view or a man’s point of view, pero either way… the story flows the same.. i mean.. just give guys a chance to at least relate with their own gender’s pov… doubtful. duh.. meg cabot is a she. -_~

my life is a living proof that the world exists only as a round shelter for us live with the boring routines of our daily work.

nothing extraordinary is happening.

i like… harry potter’s life…-_-;;… masaya cguro if i’ll discover someday na i came from a family of wizards and witches… which to my dismay is a form of rejecting my religious upbringing with myself.

masaya rin cguro if i found myself linked to a prince. as in, fishy-ness is in the air. kaso… magmumukhang telenovela ang buhay ko.

masaya rin ciguro kung i found out na i’m one of the celestial maidens destines to bring back peace to world then, we’ll have a big big party when my mission is over. ok so ano ako ngayon… superhero?

ano kaya kung maging president ako ng philippines?

nah. lalong gugulo ang buhay ko…

e ano nman kaya kung magpaka-radical ako. youth rebel kuno. i’ll dye my clothes black and show off a new born goth-trend.

nah… that’ll never come out as something gothic. rather, i’ll look stupid coz my hair is black, my skin is a darker shade of what you might have and then i’ll accustom myself in wearing black? i’ll look like a life sized walking coal. seriously.

e ano kaya kung maging little miss popular ako?

tss… nevermind. i would never ever stand in the same stage as those people who wrecked my peaceful sophomore year. yuck. napaka yuck nila. sobrang kadiri cla. walang manners. walang sense of humanity. i mean.. ok. they’re not really humans.

eew. forget them.

the option left for my life to have something extraordinary in them is… wala.


i think i’ll just bear with being myslef.

makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚