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carefree meeeee

i won’t care a lot on what’s going to happen tomorrow since yeah… we just had our outreach today, which consumed half of our day, so that means less homeworks.. i mean.. no homeworks at all.. haha

plainly great.

however, due to my cravings in reading more ‘new york times bestseller’ books.. i’m once again reading… haha

‘Gossip Girl’ by Cecily can Ziegesar

i’m quite wondering if i could, at least, make good reviews about books, or maybe even movies, that interest me. haha…

i’m also wondering if i could write a novel by myself with a meg cabot kind of style which [duh] illuminates my own ORIGINAL style which is… uhm.. i dunno.. still thinking of something unique to put on a 1st person’s thought.

oh well… i’m so disappointed…-_-;; i checked the ADMU site for those who passed acet… argghhh.. i tried… i really tried… i made every possible variation for my sister’s name which inludes ‘Maria’ but then.. i couldn’t find it.. or that stupid watchamacolit-program-who-searches-for-admitted-freshies is sooper un-genius (being automatically generated and all) not to find any traces for my sister…-_-;;

sorry terai.

tss… i’m kindof pissed off. i lost about 30% of hope that i’ll also pass.


anyway… since this misfortune had already got what it should get. *does a wierd mudra*

o please… help my sister accept the result.

i know i’m not so good in handling aptitude tests, neither numeric, verbal or non-verbal ones. so.. *sigh* i need an inspiration!