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worst week of november…[h8 list update]

and i though this is my lucky month since i celebrated my birthday on this horribly [just now] dreadful month. isooo hate this wk… from nov 16–nov19! everything bad happened to me!!! kaasar… i wish i’d die right now! *knocks on wood 3x* and go to heaven and see God and never come alive. But hell that’s pretty easier said than done… -_-

first of all, tag-board is sick again… or is it my browser who’s sick? can’t open the webpage..can’t access my account….-_- damn

oh look at that…the xerox/printer/scanner machine is now working… well..? hindi sha katulad ng mga xerox machine na mabilis, this one is uber slow, scanning the paper and PRINTING a copy of it….. ang bagal tuloy.. and xet noh.. colored pa! the ink is tooo expensive and the scanner (na sobrang matigas ang ulo) is digging holes in our laptop… my dad downloaded THREE scanner software only to discover none of them compatible with that ‘xerox’ brand machine… bwiset…

during the whole school week, i was loaded with the heaviest metal in the world! kaassaaarrr…this is preposterous!!! (yak…) i hate assignments! i hate quizzes! i hate seatworks!!! so what do you think is left with my class standing sheet?

btw, plano ko mag-iba ng layout since i’m getting used to this na… inspired nnman ako sa isang song, ‘welcome to my life’– simple plan. la lng… dba? pang blog tlga ung title di tulda ng ‘you can buy me now’..ano ko prosti? gags.



haayyy… lam nyo.. minsan nauubusan din ng pasenya ang isang tao, at ubus na ang pasensya ko sa pagpa2kyut nya (di naman sha kyut) sa pagpa3nsin nya (dedma nman) at sa abot langit nyang feeling na crush ko xa (hindi nman 22o) naiinis ako kay…*sigh* should i say her name… puchangnakngtimpaklong un eh….wag na lng…

at now she’s using someone else pra pagselosin ako (or so i thought)… haaayyyy ako ba tlga’y lulunurin sa kamalasan sa linggong toh? ang kapal ng mukha nya nakakaawa… w8…prang ako yata ang feeling nun ah.. ah bsta… hello world? kaw bnmn di ma-obviousan sa mga desperate attempts nya… oh my… DIE BITCH! kala mo kinalolokohan ka ng mga tao? in your dreams sucker! kala mo kyut ka… hinde… panget ka.. you suck! i never thought na ganyan ka pla… feeling, mayabang, feeling, mayabang…

isa ka pa ***** haha… dyusko kunsintedora…. lol..if i were you i wouldn’t tolerate your friend’s desperate wishes of cuddling while in my presence… (yak.. ampeeling ko! haha… blog ko toh!)

isa pa… *** ********, kala ko ba di ka blabber? e isa ka plang langyang machinegun mouth eh… pigilan mo yang mo.. paplasteran ko yan…

know what? i hate the seniors batch 04-05… curse them. and sorry, i just hate that batch.