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sabado nanaman

i thought i could get some rest, but unfortunately no… i didn’t get any of those desirable long sleeps! oh, i must admit— i hate our band practices (coz i’m too lazy to attend) but once we get in there, we’ll be overwhelmed with our rehearsals… hulaan nyo kung overwhelmed sa kagandahan o kapangitan… ^_~ haha… basta un… sa wednesday, accdng to my untrustworthy senses, the pres (i think) of the PTA foundation will be listening to each of the band’s performance, if she likes it, then we might get invited to perform during the fair. which i don’t like… why? basically that means performing on stage (speaking of stage fright), and of course i have to carry, again, my organ which i think sounds WEIRD especially during the FAIR.

awhile ago, at CK (cafe konsulado) kim, aisha, larz, me and steph practiced our audition piece— Silent Night. Wallah… stig… this is one big ORCHESTRAA!! xept for the piano i think (never seen pianos in orchestras…-_^)haha… the song is really nice… we don’t have a vocalist kaya masaya kasi if we have… edi voice ya ung hahabulin ng aming tempo… yoko nga.. paimportante…

narinig ko pa nga.. our december concert (first ever gig to if ever! needs audition nga lng…) sa greenhills will be postponed due to hectic sched ng cafe… anyways… ok un.. that means more practice… pero mamomove daw sa january…

i don’t think i heard it right… narinig ko ata na may selected groups (audition passed) na sasama sa ‘kundirana’ concert… u know what… whatttevvverrrrr…. kung pumasa kami… prang ayoko sumama… hello lng… days after that concert is the 3rd quarterly exams! haaayyy


w00T!!! tomorrow at church i’ll be buying the ‘youth alive fundraising tickets’ for a religious concert featuring Barbie’s Cradle!!! and moonstar88 (i think…that’s what i heard eh..)…sama ka? hah… murang mura lng… 75 pesos! san k nmn nakakita ng barbie’s cradle concert for 75 bucks? heheeeee…. nov.27-7pm-word of hope christian family church auditorium– EDSA west… harap ng sm north edsa. c ya there!


maxado na kong busy this yr… i think lahat nman tau eh…-.- pero haayy… pagod na ko.. gusto ko magpahinga…

— lol… natutuwa ako sa silent night namen… ang gandaaaa!!

BAD NEWS! (bad news nga ba?) nagbunutan kami kanina kung cno leader… nahulaan nyo na noh… ako nnman (di tlga ko marunong bumunot!)!! -_- meaning ako ung mag tatawag pag may practices! eh hello.. ako nga ung numero unong ayaw magpractice eh… langya nman…hmm.. nevermind.-_-

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