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Willard – a rather freaky morbid movie

not exactly morbid.. but that’s how i look at it… just watched it awhile ago on tv.. really gross…-_- willard is a man with a confused brain… he’s like atlas from the myth who carries the earth… like a desperate usher when he told his confessions, like a rat… always tested to prove new ideas… yeah…

RATS! i hate rats! that’s why i hate the movie… it has looootttsss of rats!!! oh gross…-_-


i used to hate usher too… but now i like him coz of his duet with alicia keys! and also because of the fact that he’s a good ( a great actually) dancer… haha… i saw a glimpse of the mtv of ‘yeah’… i’m impressed.



all because of these three deserts

leche flan

ice cream


what else can you stuff in my gut? i’ve got all the fats! the cholesterol! all the possible factors for acquiring a heart attack! highblood! even osteoporosis (i drink a lot of coffee)…

man…seems like i don’t look lyk my age after all… you wouldn’t think i’m 13 if u see me… i’m also mistakened as a college student!! TWICE! — by nez’s bro jao! and the jess lapid look-alike doctor in capitol medcen.-_- i hate looking old…

reminds me of tuck… everlasting.

i wish i could find a big old oak tree with a strange looking spring of water down being held by its roots… then discover that i’ll be young forever!

yeah right.