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meme time agen…

should i plug this? MEMEGEN!

Where Do You Fit Into the Harry Potter Universe?

by caitiedid

House gryffindor

You rival harry potter in defense against the dark arts
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your harry potter lover (ansers are all male characters) by purple_flames
your first name?
sex? femalemaleyes please!
favourite colour?
you lover… draco malfoy
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What do the Harry Potter Guys Think of You? by pervy_hobbit_fancier
Rupert thinks you are well preserved
Dan thinks you look like you’re easy
Tom thinks that you need to take a shower
Sean says you are cute
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meme #1 and 2 are all lies! i made it all up accdng to my liking..

3&4 remain untouched.. ^_^

di ba obvious.. puro hp meme ung singot ko?