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turning on your traffic

it’s a good way to promote your blog by turning on some traffic contributors in your blog settings. this actually works well, especially if you want your stats go higher and increase the number of visitors in your blog… here are some tips

– try to ‘ping weblogs’ so that every time you update, you’ll be included in their recently updated blogs…how 2 do it? go to settings… then basics… well if its not there… try looking somewhere in the settings page.

– keep your posting titles specific… when posting… avoid posting in titles that go on personally… ‘i hate my sis’, ‘i soooo looveee my honeybucks’, or ‘me and my pet’… anything in the like… why? this WONT actually help ‘spiders’ crawl in and butt in your adress in SEARCH ENGINES whenever certain keywords are met. keep them really GENERAL like ‘5566’, ‘Rivermaya’— anything subjective but not really something branded. This actually depends on your mood whether ur talking about something that needs further extension of rage in the title field.

-BLOGHOP… and don’t forget to tag or leave links somewhere… like tracepaths, they help a lot in promoting your site. leaving links make people curious about you. so try it… its one of my favorite activity in the net. ^_~

-submit your sites in engines. well not exactly the POPULAR ones like google, yahoo, or altavista coz most certainly, you’ll have to pay for that. if you’re just gonna plug in your BLOG, don’t bother paying coz there are lots of other sites wherein you can add yours without charges. try—> blogdex , technorati and daypop and a lot more… just like turning on your weblogs ping… your site will be added to their system once certain keywords are met.

—so that’s all… wow i actually made a ‘practical guidance’ feature article… hehe… hope this helps. just like me… i want more traffic…

this is for people who decided to leave their mode of unpublicity-ism and venture in to the world of INTERACTION.