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in an shsian’s point of view… the statement would normally be ‘of course it’s SHS’ and vice versa… the point is, i am an shsian and of all the matter of facts.. i obviously want our school to win… but what happens is… all things are going quite lopsided. -_- i sooo hate number 19! and their pitcher… sobrang yabang kung makatindig…kala mo kung sino…-__- i sooo hate them~! and of course… count that fucking umpire… he is OBVIOUSLY making it to a point that all of their OBVIOUS mistakes weren’t counted! and that’s soooo unfair… why can’t we just PAY our own umpire THAN allow them to play DIRTY just to win that FRIENDLY game (which didn’t turn out to be friendly)… oh grrr… and they call it FRIENDLY??!! WTF! BITCHES OF THE BLOODY PIT OF HELL!

-_- i sooooo hate them. period.

oh well… about that thing above… i’m sorry… i know.. even in our nemesis’ minds lies the words ‘die holy… die’ and i can accept that.. i know what you feel about us.. so JUST LET US RANT EVERYTHING WE HATE ABOUT YOU!

whew. at least i got a consolation… hmmm