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think about PROM

now that i’m of LEGAL LEVEL to enter this most awaited fairy-tale like (was it? or am i just exaggerating?) event… i couldn’t just waste it like a piece of crumpled paper thrown in a trash can… so what i did was… on a paper are three columns, class number, w/ date and w/o date… haha… i signed the without date! labo noh? and to think i said i’m not going to waste it… yeah… i’m not going to waste it naman eh? having NO date can be… erm.. fun? malay ko.. never experienced it.. -_- i can’t look for a DATELESS friend either… i want company on that traggic (what the?) day… since each and everyone of my dearest friendships are going be busy accomodating their dearest dates.. and i have none!!! no one to spend the whole freaky night with *winks* and no one to talk to!!!

haha… it’s too early ba? i duunoo… pero ang aga ng preparations.. surveys are bombarding us like crazy… (jke a.. exagge queen mode) and a lot of questions in me remain unanswered… naiisip ko tuloy… you’re gonna pay for your date’s lovely head? hah!and that’s like 1 -2 thou plus! hn..NEVERMIND… i’m not goin to wste my precious bucks for a date… -_-…

HOW I WISH I”LL WIN THE ‘WALLFLOWER QUEEN’… meron ba? ..huh..dream on.


change topic… today is sunday! this is the LORD”S DAY and of course we went to church… got ready at 5:30… we arrived sa church at 6 tapos drinop lng kami ni dadi sa harap kasi he’s gonna drive terai to UST… yeah yeah.. she’s taking the entrance exam… good luck to her… i mean… pumasa man o hindi.. she’s not going to study there naman eh… bukod sa malayo… she doesn’t want her precioous jeans to getwet during the baha days… ayaw nya lang masayang ang kanyang 500 pesos for the application form.. haha…imagine… she skipped the SABATH day because of the entrance… pity her. (jke!)

haha… i’m happy…^_^ finally got my ym!

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