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tag-board is sick

poor tagboard … it seems like he’s experiencing some hiatus lately… i mean… how could it be that all tag-board powered taggies aren’t working in my browser and the chatterboxes are all fine? do you think it’s my server who has the problem? i really dunno but if ever… get well soon is the only thing i wanna leave as a message… i want to see my tagboard!!!!-_-… i can’t even gain access to tag-board.com!!! there really is a problem… hmmm… naahh… i’ll leave them do the work…

anyways… as usual… physical torture popped right in front of us as we, again, met for our intrams practice… but unlike before… we did progress… a BIG BIG progress, mind you. i think it’s time for them to give us a break! we finally finished doing all the routines and all we need to do is polish our steps… hehe… oh.. they told us to bring a silver and red foil paper to wrap our arms with (props dude…)… and i haven’t got any. think imma share with someone nalang….

i’m getting excited over the ‘long weekend’. my mom said we’re goin to visit mamay in bicol! haha… but deep inside.. i just want to eat another cupful of the very famous DJC halo-halo in Tiwi albay! try it!!! grabeee… parang walking distance lang un sa bahay ni lola! haha…. wow… can’t wait to taste their halo halo again….-_- cheese, ube, sago… yuummmm… ^^;;


this time it’s bloody furious arianne talking to you.

*scribbles ANOTHER name in her hate list* check! ok so…

details: sobrang arte. sobrang yabang. talk about brain and beauty… but attitude? naaahhh! she’s got none! dare talk to her in a nice way and she’ll never pay attention… talk to her in an angry way and you’ll get an eye-roll. she may be NICE… but that comes in RARELY… just in times of need actually and when you refuse to give what she wants… ugghhh another damn silly stupid eye-roll.

*scribbling yet another group of people in her hate list*

details: this barkada is really really nice… i mean… they make us laugh our guts out. but sometimes… they can get annoying with their ‘mapanglait moods’… and in times like that… its either i’ll ride on (if i, too doesn’t like the person being talked) , stay dedma (when the subject isn’t really significant to me) or make *eherm* *eherm* (when the subject is a friend of mine). but that HATE thing comes, rather, occassionaly (spell-checker nga!) —> pero oops… those three conditions happen only when their talking to me! hello noh.. hindi namn ako sabatera… pero the 3rd one… kahit di ako kausap.. i’ll but in.

ok.. soo that’s the end of yet another edition of “arianne’s hate list–blind items”… haha.. mor to come… ssbihin ko nman kung di ko na hate ung iba noh… ^^:;